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Maher has a large technology park with state of the art machinery which is equipped with the most modern developments in the field of injection in order to adapt to the needs of the ever changing market.

We currently have:
  • 15 injection machines from 40 tons to 250 tons (mainly Arburg) to inject parts from 0.1 g. to 450 grams.
  • Bridge crane for 12.5 tons and 3.2 tons.
  • Automatic supply and dosing units
  • Dehumidifiers and dryers.
  • Casting extracting robots using vacuum suction to remove the parts from the molds.
  • Mold warmers, temperature controllers for hot chambers, conveyors and mills.
  • Water cooler equipped with water treatment to prevent oxidation on machines and molds.
  • Automatic machine to insert joints with artificial vision
  • Assembly area.



Av. Lentiscares 40-42 (Ind. Pol. Lentiscares) 26370, Navarrete, La Rioja, Spain
T.:+34 941240412 ยท Fax:+34 941439701