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Maher provides its customers with full services. If so desired by customers, we can deal with all the stages of the project::

Designing the part

The technical department provides customers with advice from the very beginning. To do so we offer an overview of the process in order to obtain a satisfactory outcome. We begin by designing the part together. When applying basic design knowledge it is important to bear in mind the transformation process, the operation of the injection molds and the raw materials to be used depending on the final destination and intended use of the part.

Building the mold

We stand behind mold engineering by actively working along qualified and specialized mold makers. We manufacture the mold which is ideal to obtain the desired parts and to ensure both the quality and quantity desired. MAHER takes charge of monitoring and performing mold testing, and submitting samples until they are approved.

Once the process has been completed, we keep the molds in our facilities in proper working conditions and ensure fast response and service to meet customers’ needs and cover any unforeseen events that may arise.


Once the mold is ready, we proceed to carry out the injection process. We have the latest machinery to ensure success in manufacturing parts, from the simplest ones to the most technically complex ones.

Finishing and assembly

Depending on the nature of the parts, and if required by the client, the process is completed with a comprehensive service inclduing finishing, assembly and packaging of the product.
Maher’s technical team has been trained at the highest level. We have adapted to new demands and are able to compete in the most demanding markets in terms of quality, service and manufacturing.




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